Rainy Day Lessons are discounted lessons at the cheapest rate I offer. In short, they are there for people who for any reason can’t pay full price.

I have played drums for 18 years, played 1000’s of gigs (in various styles), studied (and studying)  with the world’s greatest players and leading drum educators. I want to be able to offer lessons at a reasonable rate so that there is a fairer chance for everyone to have access to accurate and necessary information about playing the drums.

As a drummer who has worked for minimum wage for years for long grueling hours in call centres, as a retail assistant, warehouses, as a receptionist and in stockrooms I understand the necessity of offering this.

I had to do all these low paid jobs whilst studying and gigging. I would have loved to have studied privately with someone who could  assess my playing and tell me exactly what I needed to do. Unfortunately teachers of that calibre weren’t/aren’t cheap (£100+ an hour).

So for this reason I want to make sure that anyone who needs proper instruction can afford to do so.

How it works

To start off I am offering one Rainy Day Lesson a week.

Once you book that lesson you have to wait 1 month before booking one again. 

This makes the lessons available for more people. So 4 different people can benefit from it each month. 

Each weekly lesson will be available to book on Sunday. Once it has been booked it will disappear and will only become become available again on  the following Sunday.

You can book the lesson by clicking the “Book A Lesson” button below and scrolling down to the bottom and selecting “Rainy Day Lesson”.