Teacher Thomas Sutherland at Glasgow Drum Lessons

My Teacher Journey to Online Drum Lessons

Read all about my personal journey as a teacher to start offering online drum lessons. In this post, I explain what teacher training I went through and how I shifted my approach to teaching in order to become a better drum teacher.

During the first lockdown in 2020, I decided I wanted to develop my skills as a drum teacher – particularly to become more confident offering online drum lessons. And so, I signed up for the “Beats From The Core” Teacher Training Program by American drummer Jeremy Shulz.

I wanted to develop my confidence, belief in my abilities and most importantly, pick up the skills I would need to teach drums online.

As a teacher and a drummer, it is important for me to continually develop my skills and learn from others who excel in their craft. This is one of the reasons why I love playing an instrument – there is no end goal with drums. It is a continuous journey of self improvement.

Studying with Jeremy Shulz

I found Jeremy through Seamus Everly’s show Drumgab. He was a guest on the show and spoke about how he connects with students online. He spoke passionately about how he strives to watch his students grow and help them figure out problems that they never knew they were capable of. He uses his love for playing the drums to connect, discover, empower and transform his students.

With this, Jeremy completely won me over and I reached out to book eight 1-on-1 coaching sessions.

For the next eight weeks, Jeremy and I met weekly to discuss different aspects of online drum teaching. Time flew by and the sessions were filled with inspiring stories and real-life examples of how Jeremy teaches, motivates and inspires his drum students.

About half-way through the programme, it felt like a knot untied in my head – I realised I always had the tools to teach drums online. I just needed to be guided into the right mindset to become an even better teacher.

Becoming a Better Drum Teacher

It completely changed the way I think about my students. Before each lesson I ask myself:

  • Are they beginners?
  • Are they seasoned drummers who have lost their way and need some guidance?
  • Are they hobbyists who drum for the fun of it?
  • Do they just want to try something different for an hour a week, vent a little, talk about life, learn a new skill and come away feeling good about themselves?
  • Or are they “1-percenters”? You know, the drum students who like myself want to devote their lives to drumming.

This changed everything. Instead of teaching my students the way I wanted to be taught, I shifted my approach ever so slightly to focus on what my students truly want and need from me. As simple as this sounds, I needed to hear it.

Teaching Drums Online

Soon after, I signed up my first student for online drum lessons and they are still with me today. Here is what they think about their lessons with me:

“Delighted to have found such a superb teacher in Thomas Sutherland.

As an adult beginner I was a wee bit apprehensive, but quickly got past this through friendly, professional and personalised teaching. Programme was tailored to individual needs and preferences and I found on-line lessons as well as face-to-face equally effective and fun.

Would recommend to anyone 👍“

Jeremy’s Teacher Training Program empowered me to realise that I was always capable of teaching drums – online or face-to-face – I just needed to allow my approach to be led by my students.

I now have 4 students whom I teach drums online and each of them is growing, improving and learning on their own level whilst also having fun.

Teacher Thomas Sutherland at Glasgow Drum Lessons
Jeremy Schulz and me (Thomas Sutherland at Glasgow Drum Lessons) having a right good laugh.
The “Beats from the Core” Teacher Training Program was one of the best investments I have ever made. My experience with Jeremy was exactly what I want to offer to my drum students and I implement my new approach every day in my online and in-person drum lessons.

I feel much more confident in myself and love passing on this feeling to my students.

PS: If you are wanting to start/grow your own drumming business (online or offline) I can’t recommend working with Jeremy enough. You can find his programmes here.

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