Drum Lessons for Kids

Learning a musical instrument can be an incredible experience for children. The benefits of music tuition go beyond picking up musical skills – learning an instrument like the drums can also massively contribute to children’s personal development and skillset.

That’s why I love offering drum lessons for kids at Glasgow Drum Lessons.

Drum Lessons for Kids

My experience teaching kids

I have taught drum lessons for children as young as 5 years old and currently have child students between 3 and 15.

Apart from music lessons, I have been teaching English as a foreign language since early 2019 and spend a majority of my days, teaching children through engaging language classes.

I am also a practitioner with Paragon Music who provide music workshops for kids and adults with a focus on equality and inclusiveness.

I draw on this combination of teaching experiences and classroom environments to keep kids engaged, relate to them and make learning an instrument fun for them.

Why I love teaching drums to kids

To be honest, I’m a big kid myself – I love cartoons like Steven’s Universe or SpongeBob Squarepants, am really into video games and LOVE being daft. It is incredibly important to me to create a fun learning experience for my drum students.

My favourite thing about teaching kids is watching them develop and witnessing their sense of curiosity. It is incredible how fast children can progress when taught in a relatable way.

My youngest drum student at the moment was 6 years old when they started doing lessons with me in August 2020. Since then, they have progressed so much in our fortnightly lessons – in terms of their confidence, co-ordination, focus and patience. 

The Benefits of Learning the Drums for Kids

Musical skills developed & improved:

♦ Playing grooves and fills

♦ Learning whole pieces of music

♦ Listening

♦ Technique

♦ Timing

But drum lessons also develop important soft skills such as:

♦ Communication

♦ Flexibility

♦ Problem-Solving

♦ Work Ethic

♦  Patience

In addition, my teaching style will expose them to work on empathy, intuitiveness, passion, a desire for life-long learning, responsibility, self-awareness, courageousness and kindness.

Drum Lessons for Kids

If you don't have a drum kit yet...

If you don’t have a kit and are interested in getting drums for your child, I highly recommended contacting the Glasgow-based drum shop Drummers Only (Tel. 0141 429 3799).

Their staff are incredibly knowledgeable, patient and friendly and will be able to help you get the most suitable kit for your kids. All their music equipment is available in-store as well as online and they even have a selection of well-cared-for second-hand drum kits available.

Just let them know your child’s age, ability and what else you might want to consider before purchasing a drum kit (especially if you are looking for something quiet, not too big etc).

They have drum equipment that suits everyone.

So, whether you are looking to start your child on a fun new adventure where they will grow in many different ways or simply looking to supplement their current musical endeavours with professional tuition get in touch and…