Welcome To

Glasgow Drum Lessons

by Thomas Sutherland

Drum Lessons in Glasgow City Centre

Teacher Thomas Sutherland at Glasgow Drum Lessons

What to expect at Glasgow Drum Lessons?

Whatever your level is please do get in touch as I teach all abilities, even complete beginners! We can have a chat about you and figure out what you want to do. Together, we will make a plan on how to get you there.

With a set of sticks, a practice pad and a small amount of daily, dedicated practice you could be well on your way to playing your favourite tracks.

If you are more an intermediate or advanced player and are looking for something specific please check out most subjects covered here.  If you have any other questions please contact me here.

My Studio is located inside Carlton Rehearsal Studios on Carlton Place. It’s a 5 minute walk from central station on the other side of the river Clyde across the famous red bridge (pictured).

A one hour session costs £30 with a discount for block bookings of 4 or 8 lessons

  • Looking to start playing drums and don’t know how?
  • Want to learn to play your favourite songs but don’t know where to start?
  • Needing to develop more confidence in your playing (or yourself)?
  • Are you working on a specific piece and can’t figure out a part or nail a certain section?

Then welcome to Glasgow Drum Lessons by me (Thomas Sutherland).

 I am a professional drummer based in Glasgow. I have been playing professionally for 9 years and teaching for over 6. I love teaching , so much in fact that I also teach English online as a 2nd language too. Teaching helps me share my passion with others and also helps me learn so much too

I am extremely passionate about drums and I am a huge advocate for focused and productive daily practice. Nothing makes me happier than to sit down and play on a kit. I also love solving problems as I find it extremely satisfying. This makes me enjoy helping people start to play or help with any drumming/musical issues they have. 


Glasgow red bridge across from Glasgow Drum Lessons

What to expect in a lesson at Glasgow Drum Lessons

Firstly I want to get to know you as I love meeting new people and hearing their story.  We will have a chat about what music you like, your favourite bands and players.

From there we will discuss what you would like to do. For example, would you like to learn some cool patterns, grooves or some songs? It’s no trouble if you can’t decide as we will figure it out together and there’s so much to choose from.

Once you have decided what you would like to do I will set clear, simple goals for you to work towards. You will work on them together with me and by -yourself as I will give advice on how to practice the things we have discussed.

Every lesson we do will be typed out in an easy to follow structure and emailed to you so you can look over what we discussed and what you need to do.

What if I can't practice/ what if I can't practice enough?

This is something I hear a lot from students and it can be stressful without proper guidance. 

There is stigma around practice that you must practice for hours and hours on end to get good at something and to a certain extent this is true. However, it is far more beneficial to put in 5 minutes of practice everyday than 3 hours one day a week. Also it is easier for someone to take out 5 minutes out of their day to practice something and once you develop a daily practice habit, you will progress faster and will be more inclined to spend a bit more time practicing.

As someone who has years of experience and tried hundreds of different methods & ways to practice I will show you exactly how you should practice to see the results you want. Easy! 

Any questions or enquiries? Please get in touch: